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DS: $5 bloomers + free stuff! (skirt, purses, acessories)

I have +129 feedback on eglfeedback

I have +182 on Etsy:

Paypal only. I don't charge fees. Please no e-checks unless you have feedback.

Prices are shown for the US and include delivery confirmation. I combine shipping costs.

International: I ship everywhere except Italy. Please note that you are responsible for any and all customs fees you may incur for the full value of the item.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone with bad feedback, etc.

Rules for free items: People in the US have priority for the first 24 hours. (Sorry, it's just easier for me to mail these items really easily). First to put down their Paypal for each item gets it. Disclosure: The shipping cost for the free items already includes an extra 50 cents to $1 to cover my fees and packaging supplies.

Strawberry skirt FREE {TAKEN}
I made this a while back when I started to sew, so there are flaws. One of the strawberries has fallen off. French seamed, velvety fabric.
Waist: 27-30 inches.
US shipping $5

Fossil purse FREE
Lulu Guinness style
10.5 inches wide
Pocket inside
US shipping: $7
Full view:

Beige bow pin FREE [TAKEN]
About 7 inches wide
New, never used
US shipping: $2

Coffin purse FREE [TAKEN]
Inside pocket, chain straps
There are dent marks on the back from being stored on top of the straps
15.5 inches long
US shipping: $16 (sorry this is big and heavy and will not fit in the medium flat rate box)

Snow White locket FREE [TAKEN]
17 inches long
One of the links is bigger than the others
US shipping: $2.50
Inside open:

Felt heart brooch FREE
US shipping: $2.50

New Pink/white striped bloomers $5 each + shipping ($3 first class, $5 priority)
I'm selling these for a super low price because I made them a while ago before I owned a serger. (All inside seams are finished by double or triple zigzagging).
Pair 1: 24-34 inches waist

Pair 2: 32-40 inches waist, with lace [TAKEN}

New red bloomers $5 each + shipping ($3 first class, $5 priority)
These are serged.
This is being sold for cheap because there is a tiny stain on one of the legs. (It is bluish; I think it's a detergent mark). The stain is about 1-2 mm wide; I could not get it to show up in any photos I took).

Dessert rings
$5 shipped for each one

I still have a fur capelet here:

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