cutedeer (cutedeer) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DT AP Sugary Carnival for AP Star Night Theatre

My feedback is here
I only want to trade, if you have minimum 10 positive feedbacks!

I want to trade my Sugary Carnival for the Star night theatre from AP!
I worn this OP 1x and can add a Replica Headbow, Marshmallow socks in lavender ( bought them 2nd but never worn by me) and handmade wirstcuff and a handmade hat 


Proof of my OP:

I want to trade it fo "Star night theatre"  if its possible incl socks or headbow and other matching accessoires

In blue or black only , it doesnt matter if jsk or op but PLEASE inkl the patches!

No skirts 

Please no links to mbok or other auctions and accessoires only if you have the dress.

I know my chances are minimal but I want to give it a try! I will only sent and accept tracked and insuranced shipping! 
I am located in Germany. And NO, I don´t want to sell my SC right now ^.^

Tags: !dt, angelic pretty
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