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DS: Beautiful Angelic Pretty skirt

Hello & welcome to my sales! ♥

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Angelic Pretty Pink Velveteen Birdcage Princess Skirt


Waist: 63cm
Length: 49cm
There is a small panel of shirring on the back, like most AP skirts.

Price: $100 + shipping ($15)

Reduced because I need money quickly for a trip! This skirt is super cute, and has sort of a circus feel. Its made of nice, thick velveteen, and has a detachable bow with pearls. It has a pretty bustle back! Get your wardrobe ready for fall/winter with this skirt! Worn once by me, and I purchased it directly from AP.

I also still have one pair of rare Angelic Pretty Whip Magic/cupcake socks in white available here. They are super cute and go with every color variation of the print except the black one - or wear them with cute pop-kei outfits!

Feedback: egl eBay

Thanks for looking! :)

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