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!WTB: long- & short-sleeved blouses, tights

hello all ^^ i took an inventory check of what i need and i noticed some gaps in the blouse department ._. please help me out if you can!

★ long sleeved blouses in the following colors:
black, white, ivory, pink, lavender, mint, brown

★ short sleeved blouses in mint or lavender

any blouse you offer must accommodate a 36" bust comfortably (without gapping) and a 30" waist. i'm open to everything -- brand or offbrand =]. there should be little or no lace, and no ribbons, if possible. i'm open to all designs, but my wardrobe is predominantly sweet / classic.

 any colored tights. must be new WT or WOT though! i'm looking for both solids / neutrals and pastels / prints (i have swimmer in mind), for more spank! fairykei esque looks. since i tend to be pretty brutal with my feet / legs, i really want them to be pretty thick or sturdy.

++ [ of course, there are always things i want ]

here are some things i have for trade:
- IW white blouse, AP mirror + tralala, putumayo & juicy couture
- lady rose & fantastic dolly OTKs

thanks in advance!
feedback here. xo
Tags: !dt, !wtb, any brand
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