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DS: Yosuke black rocking horse shoes

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payment by paypal only. Paypal fees will be halved between buyer and I.
Shipping via New Zealand air mail, which has been to my experience, very reliable and no problems ever yet. Can be considered equivalent to US first class. EMS/insurance at extra cost of buyer.
 Air-mail shipping is included in the price!

$75 65usd Shipped anywhere in the world

size US 7-7.5(max (i wear 7.5 and this just fit me, with the tip of my toes just touching the end)), UK5, Japanese 23.5cm

Original Yosuke shoes purchased in harajyuku. I've lost the flower clips these had come with however. I have not worn them in probably a little over 2 years.

Worn but in very good condition- has a lot of life left. The sole is still very good (hardly worn down at all!), and no scuff marks on black leather of the shoes.

However the wooden part of the shoes do show signs of wear; but not overtly so- only the front of the shoes are most prominent of this, but even then, not incredibly noticeable when worn.

Fraying of the ballerina ties, but this can be easily addressed- does not affect wear. Also very suitable for people with wider feet!

more details;


Overall in good condition, with a lifetime left.

Thanks for looking!
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