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DS: Offbrand blouses, Cleaning asap. (VERY affortable price, nt over $15)

DS: Offbrand blouses, Cleaning asap.

- Item cost includes PayPal fee.
- Shipping is $10 international. (Except for Locals)
- Not interested in trades.
- I am not responsible for lost packages if you did not ask for insurance.
- Price is in USD.

My size is 161cm height,33" bust, 26" waist, and these clothes fit comfortably on me. =)

Offbrand Floral Brown Blouse
Nice cloth & lace quality.
Bust 20 inches across.

$ 10

Offbrand Baby blue Blouse
Sold to bunny_labbits - pending arrival
Worn one time only. Nice cotton quality. Made in Korea.
It has baby blue stripes on white base.
The white part have blue polka dots.
Bust 17 inches across.

(Normal Price: $23.30)

Offbrand White x Pink Princess Blouse

Good quality thick cotton.
Worn few times. Now a pink-wearer. =(
Has cute ribbons on each cuff.
Bust 16.5 inches across.


Payment method:
- Paypal

Shipping Method:
-Registered Airmail with tracking number
(reaches US within 5-7 working days)


I have positive feedbacks on Ebay.

Thanks very much for your interest! =)

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