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DA: Rilakkuma bags DS: accessories and cutsew


*My feedback:
*All prices are in USD.
*Regular shipping to the US is included when specified.
*I ship worldwide.
*I do combined shipping.
*I am not responsible for damaged or lost packages.
*I accept Paypal and other payment methods (money transfer, money order, checks, etc)
*I'll add Paypal fees to the total.
*I can ship orders within the following week.
*If many people are interested in the same item, the item goes to the first person who leaves their PP address or whoever makes the highest offer.
*Feel free to make an offer :)

Direct Sale

1. White cutsew with heart shaped buttons (worn only once - in great condition) $25 shipped

2. Handmade classic headdress (new - never worn) $15 shipped

3. Bow hair clips (new - never worn) $20 shipped as a lot

Size: 8x3.5cm approx.

4. Soft yellow bear bracelet (glow in the dark) $12 $8

dreamy bear jewelry

5. Deep pink bear (glow in the dark)  $12 $8

dreamy bear jewelry

6. Turquoise bear (glow in the dark) $12 $8

dreamy bear jewelry

7. Pastel orange bear (glow in the dark) $12 $8

dreamy bear jewelry

8. Soft yellow bear necklace (glow in the dark) $14 $10

dreamy bear jewelry

Direct Auction (Ends Tuesday 11PM Argentina time) ENDED!

*Difference between bids is a minimum of $5.

*Bids received at 11:00PM or later won't be accepted unless the winner backs out (which I hope won't happen)

*I'll try to update bids but I may not be able to do it all the time so, check the comments please.

*No PM bidding please since I may not be able to update this entry.

OK, I finally decided to sell my Rila and Korilakkuma bags. I'll miss them :(

1. Rilakkuma bag, brand new with tags. (The one in the photo is not the one I'm selling, I mean, is exactly the same but new. I sold the one in the photo long ago but managed to get another one, lol. I'll update the photo tomorrow.)

Starting bid: $90
Highest bid: $160 

2. Korilakkuma bag, used once by me, I don't know about the previous owner. It has a small stain on her ear, I haven't tried to clean it but I'm sure it's possible to get rid of it :)

lol at my face xD
(i was in a bad mood that day, sorry lol)

Starting bid: $70
Highest bid: $150
Thanks for checking this out!
Tags: !da, !ds, handmade, offbrand
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