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DS! Handmade Jewellery and Accessories For Sale!

Feedback page:

All items are handmade by me. Shipping for jewellery and accessories is $5 and shipping for large items like wigs and clothing is 47. Buy 3 items or more, however, and you get free shipping1 I usually have more photos of items so please ask me if you would like to see. Please either leave a comment here or send me a PM if you're interested in anything or if you have any questions. Haggling is also welcome, sorry this thread is so long but enjoy browsing!


"Leather Loves" Black and Silver Punk/Goth/Metaller Wriststrap - $10

Shiro Lolita hair bows - $10 for two

Classic/Punk/Steampunk Lolita brown and beige choker - $15

Classic/Punk Lolita Ace n' Lace White Wriststrap - $10

"Lace Loves" Grey and Pink Hairbow - $7

Teensy Tiny Wine Red Satin Hairbow - $5

Head Nomming Blue Satin Hairbow - $7

"Lace Loves" Delicate Pink and White Bow Headband - $10

"Lace Loves" Delicate Pink and White Bow Brooch - $5

Sweet Lolita Mint Green and Pink Hairbow - $7

Green and Pink Cupcake Earrings - $3

"Glass Wonders" Purple Leaves Earrings - $3

Hello Kitty "Tea Time" Earrings - $3

Classic/Sweet Lolita Pink and White "Ballerina Charms" Choker - $7

Clothes, Wigs, etc
Long brown synthetic wig - $25(not handmade and was bought for $50) Good for Lolita, cosplay, etc.

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