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DS and SS notice: Metamorphose, Excentrique Rare Skirts! Plus Sz Possible! And SS: Nagoya Notice

Dear all
Please read the following:
1. Priority goes to buyer who sends paypal email first, for payment in full. Trades not preferred, sorry! Holds are ok if a deposit of 40% of item price is put down immediately.
2. Please pay on invoice promptly as invoices sent will expire in 24 hours after sending and the next in line will be contacted.
3. Buyer bears 4.3% paypal fee as I have a premier account. I was forced to upgrade to a premier account after hitting a sending limit one year and I could not operate the account otherwise. But all payments coming in are automatically deducted for paypal fees and I have no choice, sorry! ALL PRICES EXC SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES.
4. EGL Feedback page:

Shipping is GBP3.00 for 1 item, GBP5.50 for Europe and GBP7.50 for the rest of the world. USA buyers: tracking and priority is recommended as there has been some very slow deliveries by ordinary airmail (add GBP5.00)

SORRY but I have no pics worn- I don't have a working petti at the moment...


Excentrique Cards Skirt (sold)

This skirt has a beautiful detailed print of cards and excentrique's fabulous ornate/ gothic-esque style. I am however getting rid of some of the darker colours of my wardrobe at the moment, and so am letting this go. This skirt is completely elasticated at waist and so plus size is possible.
Waist measures 27-35 inches fully stretched/68-79cm, length is 21.5 inches/55cm. I haven't worn this- still with tags!

closeup of sk

2. Metamorphose Romantic Train Skirt (sold)

This skirt was traded on the Comm with another user, I tried it on only. It is a little short for my liking. It is in excellent condition, and the price is low as it reflects what the original user set it at. This is a navy x green plaid with a border print of teddies, presents and matrioschka dolls on a train full of toys. The skirt measures 21-40 inches/53-100cm at the waist, fully shirred and stretches well. The length is 19 inches/48cm. Does not come w waist ties.

closeup of print

I also have a couple of otome kei/natural kei or even dolly-keiable skirts on ebay, all very cheap.
One is a Leni Braun designer silk skirt with braid border, I think the boutique is based in Covent Garden, London. The other is a vintage-look wallpaper floral in stripes skirt, classic look. Another one is a skirt with victorian frames of ladies and cherubs.
please check out:

Leni Braun classic silk skirt

Vintage Floral/stripes skirt

Victorian Frames skirt

Finally, I am going to be in Nagoya in late June for 2 weeks. But this is a school trip and I have only 2 very free shopping days. I am going to the Sakae Nova building where most of the Lolita shops are. I am opening up an SS service for fellow lolis, there will be 5 spots only due to ease in logistics and luggage space. I plan to buy for you and then bring it back to the UK to ship. EU customers especially welcome. In order to avoid customs questions at the airport, the labels will be removed, but I can enclose them with the item afterwards.
Commission: 10% of price of item.
Cost for you: item price, my commission and shipping charges from the UK.
Please PM by filling out the form below:

LJ Username:
Real name:
EGL Feedback Link:
Item picture: pls send me pics
Total cost of items:
Paypal email:

I need payment in full before I purchase. Payments will be refunded if the item cannot be found.

I can shop in:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates
Angelic Pretty
Innocent World
Kera Shop
Atelier Boz
Jane Marple
Rose Bullet
Ozz On

Pls note that I can't buy parasols, bags (except totes) and shoes, for fear of packing problems and space constraint.  For headbows, I would like to look at your request before confirming whether it can be done.

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