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!DS - IW, Btssb, wig, offbrand, super plus size friendly!


- My Feedback page is here

- Measurements are approximate and very amateur!

- Shipping and pp fee is NOT included! I ship from CA, USA.  If shipping is within the US, I will ship priority with delivery confirmation.  However if you wish for a cheaper shipping, I can try to figure it out.  For international, please leave location and inquire!

- Once item is shipped, it is out of my hands and I am no longer responsible for it.  However, I always retain all receipts as proof of shipping.

- All sales are first come first serve. First person to leave a comment with what you want and your paypal address gets the item.

- Priority goes toward US buyers!

- Items will be shipped on Monday June 13th.  I try to ship as soon as possible!

- Feel free to comment with your questions :D


Offbrand black lace blouse - $12
Bust: 37-40"
Waist: 32-34
Used but in good condition, it's clean but just need a bit of ironing (and i don't even have an iron so I haven't done it).  There's lace around the peter pan collar, edge of sleeves, down the front of the blouse, and on the bottom edge of the blouse.  There's also pintucks going down the front.  note that you will probably need to wear a black camisole under this blouse, because there's two narrow panels of see through lace down the front (halfway between the center buttons and the side), and a row of the see through lace near the waist of the blouse.  The sleeves are also quarter sleeve! 

Romeo & Juliet Couture black ruffle gothic punk top - $12
Bust: 38 - 48"
Waist: 36 - 48"
This thing is seriously stretchy and incredibly plus size friendly!  It has several layers of ruffles going sideways across the top.  The neck isn't very high, but it can still be considered a sort of turtleneck?  When i tried it on, since the material is so soft, the neck just flopped down so I never felt suffocated (I personally hate turtlenecks).  Note that the material is also a bit see through, so a camisole need to be worn beneath it. 

Baby the Star Shine Bright pink x white hair ties - $15
basic pink x white hairties.  I just don't really like hairties since i normally wear wigs when I wear lolita, and i try my best to not have to touch the wig once it's on lol.  Note that this is the normal Baby pink coloring.  i think my lighting made it look more cool toned than it really is.

Innocent World shirred long sleeve blouse
Collar and sleeve detail
Bust: 34"-40"
Waist: 24-33"
fully shirred waist with plenty of bust room.  When i was around 40” bust and 33" waist, i was able to fit into this comfortably.  The wrist of the sleeves are also fully shirred to give a look of slimmer wrists!  I've worn this around 5 times and it has been gently machine washed inside a lingerie net by itself.  No rips or damages, just the usual almost not noticeable discoloration on the inside of the collar (won't be seen when worn, hell, you can barely see it even when you stare at it).  I really love this blouse but I've finally dropped enough weight to be able to fit in other brand blouses so I'm finally letting this one go.  The collar laces are SO PRETTY >.<

Malco Modes petti - $20
waist: 26-42”
Length: 21”
Very stretchy and fits a wide range.  I think the waist band goes a bit further than 42" since it goes up my hip super easily and I have an 40-41" hip.  This is an aline petti and it is VERY soft!  It's super comfortable and I got so used to it that when I bought a different un-lined petticoat, I was shocked at how scratchy the other petti is. 
This petti is pretty long, best for tall lolitas.  I'm 5'5" and i can wear it no problem but i had to roll the waist up or wear it higher up.

Off brand long sleeve aristocrat pintuck blouse - $12
 bust: 38-41”
waist: 34”
Can fit 40" bust comfortably without any kind of gap in the front between buttons.  I really like this blouse and wore it around 3 times, but it's starting to get too big for me.  :\  It needs a bit of ironing, that's it.

Baby the Star Shine Bright Cherry Ribbon Print Tiered Skirt - $150
Cherry lace detail!
Waist: 24-42” fully shirred waist
I will ONLY sell this as a set!  The skirt and socks were originally purchased used but in excellent condition.  The headbow I purchased directly from Baby online and I still have the original tag for it as well.  I've worn the set only two or three times, so the bow and skirt are still in great condition. The skirt also has a built in petticoat~ though it's not super fluffy and would need a second layer.  The socks have not been washed but I can gently wash it by hand before I send this out.  I will also be including a Baby shopping bag (small) that came with my headbow purchase.  :D

Forever Young brown curly wig - $20
Worn photo!
The fiber is kanekalon and it is a medium gold brown color.  The color is relatively accurate in the photo above, however the wig has a gold-ish highlight that shows up under sunlight and flash.  I've worn this around 6 or 7 times in the past, but have gently washed it with wig shampoo and conditioner so it is clean and in great condition.  The wig goes halfway down my back so it's a good length.

Offbrand Red headband and bow - $10
This is actually two separate pieces put together.  the headband and bow matches perfectly in color.  the bow can be removed and worn on clothes or in hair as a clip.  I originally bought this to match a red skirt, but I sold the red skirt last time and had forgotten about the bow -_-;;;

Innocent World Sweets Teddy Bear jsk NWT beige x chocolate - $180
Lolibrary link
I purchased this from someone else but I believe the original seller never wore it.  I have only attempted to try on once and have never worn out at all.  The tag is still there.  Note that the Lolibrary entry indicates there is a black version and pink version, however officially the "black' version is actually beige x chocolate, and that is the version I have. 
Bust: ~ 36"
Waist: ~ 29"
It's a bit hard to measure it, but it does have a panel of shirring on the back (and it's not the usual super stiff IW shirring either).  Note that I'm around a solid 38" bust and I do NOT fit in this jsk!  I can come a bit close, but I believe I'm around an inch or so off from being able to zip up, so I'd say the official measurements are accurate.  The belt is also removable and the shoulder straps are adjustable (has buttons on the back that you can move down).  I believe if I actually moved the button down I may be closer to fitting into it, however I realized I don't really have anything brown and cream to match it with.  :\

Innocent World cream rose headband - $15
Rose detail
Purchased used but it is still in great condition.  no damages as far as i can see, not even any yellowing on the tip of the band.  Note that there's no IW tag or brand on it anywhere.  I originally purchased this from a Japanese mbok auction and it was listed as Innocent World, but I guess I can't actually prove it.  :\  

Innocent World white rose socks NWT - $30
These are brand new with tag and the toe clips.  i have never even tried them on!  I've been holding onto this forever because I'm in love with IW's sock quality, but I have absolutely nothing to match it with >.<

Innocent World black rose socks - $25
I believe these are new without tags actually, but I can't find the tag anywhere.  It is possible I have tried it on once, but I can't remember actually doing that (i'm 100% sure i never wore it out though as I have never owned anything that would match with it).  However since it doesn't have tag to prove they are new, i'm lowering the price a little.
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, offbrand
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