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!DS! Leaving Lolita - Handmade and BL skirts, 1 Petti, All Cheap!

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All prices include shipping, and they are negotiable. US buyers only. Please let me know if you would like additional or worn photos.


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Max - 36in, Length - 17in
I should note that when I bought this of the sales comm a couple of years ago, it was not sold as KKJJ. However, other people who have seen it have told me that it is. Obviously I've had a for a while, but it still offers some great poof.

Bodyline Polkadot Skirt - $20

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Min - 25in, Max - 29in, Length - 20in
This skirt is insanely cute, with a mix of blue and white polka dots and stripes and sweet lace edging. In good condition, although the waistband is slightly stretched out.

Bodyline Cream Floral Skirt - SOLD

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Min - 24in, Max - 30in, Length - 21in
This skirt is gorgeous and in great condition. The color is perfect for spring and summer, but it's heavy enough to wear in colder temps as well. Extra full. Includes waist ties.

Bodyline Cameo Skirt - SOLD

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Min - 25in, Max - 30in, Length - 22in
This skirt is beautiful, and is one of the pieces that I'm actually sort of reluctant to part with, even though I know I'll probably never wear it again. Light petti built in, fully lined. Good condition, although there are a few tiny marks on the hem, which are not noticeable when worn. I can provide pics upon request.

Black Handmade Skirt - SOLD

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Min - 24in, Max - 36in, Length - 19in
Great skirt for beginners or anyone looking to add a classic, simple piece to their wardrobe. Fully elasticized waist means it will fit a variety of sizes. Purchased on the comm for a specific event and not worn since. Very well made and in perfect condition.

Domino Print Skirt - $20

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Min - 28in, Max - 34in, Length - 20in
Purchased off Etsy from Miscy. Very cute and quirky, and the lightweight cotton is great for hot summer weather. Some very slight stretching the waistband as the elastic is kind of stiff, so I would probably recommend this for people closer to the minimum waist size.

Blue Floral Skirt - $10

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Min - 28in, Max - 36in, Length - 19in
Very pretty blue floral skirt, great for classic lolitas. Not a lot of poof, but great with simpler outfits. Handmade.

Handmade Flannel Rose Print Skirt - SOLD

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Waist - 28in, Length - 20in
This was a gift from an ex, and unfortunately it's kind of a mess. It's in good shape, but it was designed to have an adjustable closure - use one button, it's 28in, use the other it's 30. Unfortunately, if you use the larger closure, there's no zipper, so your petti (or undies, or whatever) are very visible. I will throw this in free to anyone who purchases another skirt, or for $5 for any beginners who might be interested, or people possibly interested in trying to rehab it.
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