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DS: 3 pretty jsks for sale- aqua parasols, parfait print, MM sailor replica

Here is my feedback on eglfb

I will ship out as soon as possible, always with a delivery confirmation using the cheapest shipping method available. I ship with insurance or priority mail upon request.

Shipping is not included. I will ship to other countries, but I will not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items. Once the item leaves my hands for international shipping, i will have nothing further to do with it. I will provide a a picture of my receipt to prove that I shipped it, however.

Parfait JSK: $35

Bust: 34in- 40in.
Waist: 25in- 40in

No exceptions, sorry.

Condition: Good. Worn a few times and washed each time afterward.

The bow is detachable. Blouse and bag not included


2. Sailor JSK: $25

Bust: 35-36in
Waist: 30-32in

Condition: good. worn once.

Does not have a petticoat underneath. Would be better suited for an A-line petticoat, which I do not have. Blouse and hat not included.



3. Aqua JSK: $35

Bust: 35-40in
Waist: 28-31 in

Condiiton: good

Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketHas a bustle in the back. I can't take more pics of it because it is at my home in another town. The ribbons are detachable. The print is aqua/mint with parasols on it. I am only selling the jsk  


I am selling these jsks to clear room in my closet. i am also open to offers or trades. Thanks.
Tags: !ds, !dt, indie brand, offbrand
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