Namu (namu_chewy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT: AATP skirt for kodona

DTAATP Lace Print Corset Skirt in Brown
Location: United Kingdom, Cumbria
My feedback can be found here and here.

Hello! I would like to trade this AATP skirt as I have decided I am not a skirt person! I am mostly looking for prince shorts/pants, like these:

but feel free to show me any kodona items you may have! :)

The skirt is in perfect condition. I have only tried it on once. I would say the size fits a 24-28.7cm waist. The corseting helps pull it in while there is shirring in the back too. It is a beautiful print and in (my opinion) the best colour-way!

If you have any questions, do feel free to ask!

Tags: !dt, alice and the pirates
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