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DS: Reposted items from various sales

Terms of sale:
-Prices are in USD
-I only accept paypal
-First to leave paypal gets the item
-Please don't back out of a purchase
- I will consider reasonable offers
-I might be interested in trades but I will warn you that I am VERY picky.
-Shipping is noted within the us, I will also ship to Mexico and Canada (nowhere else) but shipping will be higher so just ask.
*I have a dog
*No one in my house smokes


On to the items:

Offbrand skirt: *sold*


Worn Photo

In great condition, the waist fits a 28 in waist perfectly I wouldn't recommend too much bigger but you could wear it if you are slightly smaller too.

This was a gift but I hardly wear It so I am selling it as I am saving to buy a nice wig.

I am now asking $25 shipped within the US 

Milk Cutsew:


I can't find official measurements but flat measurements are:
Bust: ~16in
Waist: ~15.5in
Bottom hem (hips i guess): ~16.5in
It has some stretch too
I bought this for my sister on the community but the arms are too short for her and she didn't end up getting into lolita.
I am now asking $15 shipped within the US

Bodyline skirt:

This was also a purchase for my sister but as I said above she didn't end up getting into lolita. she wore it once and I ended up wearing it once too. I am the first owner.
Waist ties and bow pin are included, Iv'e never taken the bow off but I think I see a small mark from it. the only other damage I see is that one of the loops that could be used to hang it on a shirt hanger is broken, it doesn't affect the skirt I just thought I should put that down.
I am now asking $18 shipped within the US

thanks for looking :)
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