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DS! Final price reduction! BPN deconstructed aristocrat blouse!

Hello!  Before anything else, here is the necessary:

+ Feedback!
+I am located in the US, Indiana 46385
+I will ship worldwide, granted you won't mind the high shipping cost (I won't send un-insured!)
+All items from a smoke-free home, though I do have cats (they don't come near the clothes, though!)
+I am not responsible for lost packages, but I will provide tracking so if something does happen, you'll have leverage on who to blame
+Only paypal
+First to leave a Paypal address will get the item since I need it to go!

Agh, this is my last price reduction.  I fell in love with this blouse when I got it, and still love it, but sadly it just does not fit me; I'm too tall for it </3
It's time to move on!

I kinda need to sell this ASAP as well, since I'm going on a road trip next week and am trying to get as much money as I can to really enjoy myself with. 

I've never worn this blouse, but I believe the previous owner had, since I saw pictures of her wearing it when I bout it.  It, however, shows NO signs of wear!

Bust NO MORE than 34!
Waist 25-26.5

Price: $40 shipped in the US, all fees included, $50 international!

My original price was $65 shipped in the US!  I've now marked it down 20% twice!

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask!  I'd like to sell this ASAP!

Thank you! <3
Tags: !ds, black peace now
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