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WTB! 50$ or less jsk

I'm from France ^o^
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I ordered Sugary Carnival from DOL on 31st March and it's still not sent out from my shopping service so I won't have it in time for the event I intented to wear it too.

So now I'm looking for a jsk to wear to this event. Something cheap as it wasn't a planned expense (not over 60$ shipped to me) and summer suitable as it will be really hot in there.

Not sure what I'm looking for. For sure:
- no color x white lace dress because I'm 25 and those don't suit me
- no bustle back
- no white/ivory dress (if it's a bit of white such as wonder cookie for ex, it's ok)

From here, I hope someone can offer me a dress I'll instantly think "I want to wear this" but I have no clue what this dress would look like ;)

thanks for the help!

My measurements:
Bust: 90/95cm (36 inches?)
Waist: 80/82 cm (30 inches?)


Tags: !wtb, any brand
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