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!DS Offbrand Accessories, Angelic Pretty Wristcuffs, Bodyline RHS, and a Wig

*I accept Paypal only
*I ship from Massachusetts, USA.
*Items come from a smoke free and pet free environment.
* No Trades please!
*I'd rather sell only to those in America, but I will make exceptions for oversea buyers. However, depending on the weight, the shipping cost might be rather high.

FEEDBACK: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1117552.html

The notecard is my proof :3

Black F+F Crown

Alternate View | Alternate View Two
The beads that make up the crown can be molded to get that perfect crown shape. There is no clip on the bottom, but one can easily be attached. This has been never worn. Is about 5 inches in height and 3 ½ inches in width.
$15 Including shipping (to the US)

Bodyline White Rocking Horse Shoes - Size 225 SOLD

Side | Scuff | Scuff 2
These have never formally been worn. They have only been tried on (that’s where the scuffs came from.)
$40 including shipping (to the US)

Angelic Pretty Pink Wristcuffs SOLD

Lace | Tag
$25 Including Shipping (to the US)
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