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Anna House Group Order for the US!

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I've held Anna House orders before eons and eons ago and decided to open one up for US ONLY.
The goal is to get  more than 15 items to save on shipping, as each item will then be only 40HKD a piece for shipping cost from AH to me.  (goal reached!) 

First off- feedback!
EGL sales comm feedback- eglfeedback.livejournal.com/189741.html
EGL GO feedback- egl-go-feedback.livejournal.com/973.html

Anna House website: 

Criteria for order 
  • Prices are in HKD, not USD :P  use www.xe.com to help convert
  • We will have some bespoke (custom sized) items so order would take 2-3 weeks
  • They DO do custom sizing, approximate for it to be 50HKD
  • I believe they still can add detachable sleeves to any short sleeved blouses as well, which I'm estimating to cost 50-100HKD. (not official)
  • They can make various things in various colors, more than what's just listed (so want a light blue blouse? can do!)
  • Their shoes are not the best quality and make for an awkward package so no shoe orders are accepted.

From AH to me: 
  • We are splitting shipping for this order by item.
  • 40 HKD per item

From me to you:
  • I will be shipping Priority mail with delivery confirmation from Chicago, IL. Ranges from $5-7 for one item depending on weight. 
  • I'm in the Chicago area so I can also hand off items to save on shipping at Chicago meetups.
  • I will be shipping within 3 days (not including Sat/Sun) of receiving the order.

  • Paypal only.
  • NO GO FEE.
  • There is, however, a paypal fee of 4% for each payment request I send you unless you send money as persona payment - payment owed. Otherwise paypal will be taking money out of what I receive from you and then I have to pay AH out of my pocket.
  • AH also charges paypal of 4%- I will be splitting this charge per person. So if we have 5 people, I will split that charge 5 ways.
  • Payment requests/invoices will be sent in HKD only.

You will receive two invoices/payment request
  • 1)  (Your item(s) cost + shipping from AH to me + your portion of AH's paypal fee)  + your paypal fee (4% of everything in the parentheses to the left).
  • 2) Shipping from me to you + 4% paypal fee (unless you are getting this locally)

I will be closing this to new orders Monday at 11:00 pm CNT

I will then send out invoices (or quote you for personal payment).  

Money is due Tuesday (14th) at 5pm. Then I will send the order.

I will be updating everyone on the order via email! 


Please comment on this post if you are going to send in an order

Fill out the form and send it to elerronyar AT gmail DOT com with "Anna House Order" in the subject line. Only correctly filled orders will be accepted

 One time Fill-out :P

Livejournal name:
First Name:
Last Name:

Fill out for each item

Product No:
Size: (for custom sizing- please include all required measurements in cm. Please feel free to ask me what you'd need if you are unsure.)

~below will be revised as I receive orders~
Current List of Orders Received

1)elerronyar - 3 items   (payment received)
2) mihoriel - 2 items (payment received)
3) aourai - 1 item (form received)
4)perfunctorybeat - 2 items (form received)
5)personspeople - 5 items  (form received)
6)deleciel   - 1 item (form received)

Current total number of items: 15
Current shipping per item: 40 HKD

Any questions or concerns, please comment here :)  Please also remember to comment if you are sending in an order! If you desire, I can screen it for you as well.
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