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all sold ~ thank you :)


Hi Everyone :) 

EGL Feedback http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/742792.html

Since I am in need of money, I see myself forced to sell some of my precious Moitie items. 


- Prices are in Canadian dollars CAN $
- I accept Paypal payment (in CAN$). It can also be e-check, but I will only ship once I receive the money.
- Paypal fees (4%) and shipping not included
- NO TRADES ~ sorry ;_; need money
- I will not do payment plans.
- The item you buy will be shipped the next day or the day after.
- If you have any questions feel free to ask ^_^


I highly recommend EMS. (Different for the Auction since the item leaves from Canada. See description for details) I ask an approx price and if it was any cheaper I send back the money that you over paid right away.

AUCTION : Moitie White Long Sleeves Shirring velvet ribbons OP (plus size friendly)

This auction is for this long sleeves white rare OP from Moitie. It is pure white, not off-white. I bought it second-hand from a user on LJ and it came flawless.
I wore it only once for 5 hours. I do not have the tag since it was second-hand. IMPORTANT : I am in Japan now for studies, and this specific item is at my parents house in Quebec, Canada. The person who will buy this will have the item shipped from CANADA by my mom. I keep in touch with her everyday by e-mail so I will tell her which way you want the item to be sent and your adress and she will send it as soon as possible (may take 2-3 days because of time difference for the reception of my e-mails). I CAN mark down the package, but then it is at your own risk. Please keep in mind that Canada Post is very expensive for anything more than the small packet option with 100.00$ insurance, which usually takes a week-10 days for the package to arrive.) Thank you for your understanding.

- If you want to bid, please leave your feedback page (only on the first bid post, obviously)
- Bid in 5$ increments minimum.
- No bid through PM as I do not receive notifications. Comments only please.
Shipping for this dress (includes 100.00$ insurance by small packet by plane. It is the cheapest and fastest way with Canadian post. I never had any problem with this shipping method. I refund any over-paid money if it is the case.) : 
a) Europe : 25$
b) Asia : 24$
c) America : 14$

*** The auction ends Sunday, June 12th at 11:00 AM JAPAN TIME. (GMT +09:00) ***

The item : 


SIZE : Moitie size 2 with complete waist shirring. The sleeves also have elastics.

Bust : 80-96 cm
Waist : Pretty much free from probably 57cm up to 98 cm (can be made even smaller with the ties)
Lenght : I am 5'5 feet and it goes just at my knee with a medium poof petticoat.

Current highest bid :  390$


SALE : Moi-même-moitié Rose Flocky JSK (GLB vol. 39) NWT

I'm selling this JSK from Moitie that was worn by Mana in the GLB vol.39. It is still available on the website and in the shop for the price of 33,600 yen. (410.00$ CAN) I bought it last march and wore it only once for 4-5 hours. I still have the tag, but it is not attached to the dress anymore.

Asking price : 365.00$

The item : (note that the white dots on the picture is not dirty spots. There is small sparkles on the dress and that's what makes it white dots)


Bust : 80 - 94cm (1/3 central shirring at the back. The lacing in the front has no give/shirring and is only decoration)
Waist : free
Lenght : I am 5'5 feet and it goes just just over my knee with a medium poof petticoat

Shipping : (Insurance included. EMS sending. 3-4 days~) 
Europe : 22.00$
Asia : 15.00$
USA/Canada : 18.00$


SALE : Moi-même-moitié Black Rose and feather holy cross lace headdress NWT   SOLD THANK YOU 

Bought this item in march at the OIOI Shinjuku for the price of 8,400 yen (102.00$) I had it on my head for around an hour, only once. The item features two rows of holy cross lace on the back side, one on the front side of the headdress, velvet ribbon in the middle as well as a rose and feather, and two bows each side.

Asking price : 80$

(I do not find the stock picture of this headdress. It was featured in GLB 39 as well in the Moitie items page, and worn by Mana with the holy stained glass (under a second round headdress).)

Shipping  for this item is
USA/Canada : 15$ (air mail 9$)
Europe : 19$ (air mail 7$)
Asia : 12$ (air mail 6$)

ANY question feel free to ask. Thank you ~~~


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