Run about Writter (runaboutwritter) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Run about Writter

WTB! Angelic Pretty Aqua Princess and others

 Feedback ~

I Just missed out on buying the OP in Black from the SF store the other day and Im rather despairing over it T.T
As such I'm hoping you lovely ladies might be ale to help out -crosses fingers and wishes for a miracle-
I know, I'm asking for the impossible ><

I am looking to purchase Angelic Pretty Aqua Princess OP in black

I am willing to dig deep, deep down in my coin purse for this print so if anyone is willing to part with this dress, or knows someone who might, please let me know.

 I'm  also interested in locating Meta's Blooming Garden JSK in black or the headbow in Yellow, and I'm always looking for Miracle Candy OP in Red. 



Tags: angelic pretty, metamorphose
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