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the alpacalypse

ds: pink bodyline carousel jsk- sold! thanks!

my feedback

-the price includes shipping in the us
-I accept paypal only
-because I want to sell this as quickly as possible, I'm not shipping internationally at the moment. I apologize but I've had problems shipping internationally in the past so I'm still shying away from it.
-feel free to ask me any questions!
-I am off work until thursday so if you buy it before then I'll definitely be able to ship it. I'll let you know when you buy it when I do but it will definitely be by the end of the week.

carousel dress- $33 shipped

this dress is not longer on the bodyline website!
it is size m, which I estimate as being:

max bust: 34
max waist: 30

it just barely didn't fit me in the bust so I'm going to let it go!

it came to me with a small stain on the front, which is hardly noticeable. the original seller did not disclose this to me when purchasing it. aside from this, it has no apparent sign of wear. because I have not worn it and am selling exactly the price I paid for it, I'm not going to bother cleaning it but it looks like it should come out pretty easily.

this is the stain (sorry I couldn't flip it, I don't have photoshop anymore!) like I said, it's pretty tiny and I had to make the photo pretty big to see it.

thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions!
Tags: !ds, bodyline
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