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Black Frill RHS still available!

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This BTSSB OP is new with the tags still attached, and has been tried on only once by myself. This dress has been hanging in my closet for quite a few months now, and although I adore it I don't foresee me having the opportunity to wear it!Measurements: 90cm length, 84~94cm bust, 74~84cm waist SOLD

I have only tried these shoes on inside my home, and they are a tad too long/wide on me. I believe the previous owner wore them a handful of times. There is a small indentation on the top side of the left shoe, which I have attempted to photograph. It does not seem noticeable when worn. There is also a tiny cut on the top side of the left shoe, also photographed. I received them in this condition. I was told that they would fit a size 23-24cm foot, and the insoles measure exactly 24cm.$50

I am the second owner of these shoes. I have only tried them on inside my home, and they are a snug fit on me. They are a replica of Baby's Heart Buckles, and are manufactured by a brand named "Over the Rule". Unlike the Baby shoes or the Bodyline replicas, these have a slightly elevated heel on them. There are small, hardly noticeable blemishes which I have included photographs of. They measure 22.5cm, and seem rather true to size. SOLD
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