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WTB: Sailor OP, headwear, and other accessories~

Hello, lovelies <3

So I'm really itching to get myself a sailor outift put together. What I'm looking for is an OP, though I might consider a skirt and cutsew combination. No JSKs, though, please. I prefer navy, though I might consider black or white if I can't find anything navy, though no other colors. I prefer brand, though I might consider offbrand.

My measurements are
Bust: 36'
Waist: 29'

I'd also love a sailor hat to match, though if I can't find that, any kind of matching headgear would be fantastic, and some sailor OTKs, preferably some black and white striped ones.

Any other accessories any body wants to offer I might like, though it's not at the top of my priority list.

I would like to keep this under $200, please c:

Also, I do need this stuff by the end of the month, so US sellers preferred!

And here is a link to my feedback:

Thank you!!!

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