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DS/DT: Putumayo shirt, H.Naoto Jelly collab Pullip doll, Hangry& Angry pouch, scarf & much more

Feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/729197.html

(!) I will ship worldwide and I'll accept payments through Paypal or regular bank money transfer (within Europe), shipping is NOT included so far - pls contact me for any info on shipping rates etc.
(!) I am still open for (partial) trades, especially for h.Naoto + Putumayo items (pls see my wishlist below)
(!) First Lolita clearly committing to buy and leaving her Paypal will get the item ^-^
(!) I will include a "Thank you" gift with every purchase



Rare h. JELLY collab Pullip Doll "Adsiltia", has just been displayed on my shelf, excellent condition, comes incl. doll stand, character card and box & all belonging accessories, $ 99 Sold to sweet56

cute h.Naoto Hangry & Angry soft pouch w/ zipper, perfect for keeping your mobile, jewellery or make-up safe, $ 22

Rare Putumayo shirt (plain black at the back), seems to be pretty old as the print says something like "Aug 2001", shows some minor signs of wear but overall condition is still good, $ 25 Sold to xxdarkbutterfly

cute h.Naoto fleece frill scarf, just tried on, excellent condition, $ 25 Sold to shin_igami

*** 20% price reduction ***

Cute tailor-made Angelic Pretty like tote bag, has been made by a professional designer according to my specifications, rarely used, $ 29 $ 23

Algonquins mini dress/longshirt, loved to wear that but still in very good condition,
shoulder width: 32cm, plain bust measurement: 43cm, waist: max〜98cm, length: 77cm, $ 39 $ 31
Sold to redtopaz89

GOUK (h.Naoto/s-inc) waist or hip belt, free-size, excellent condition, $ 35 $ 28


My wishlist for trades:

Older sales incl. massive price reductions can be found over here - h.Naoto, Putumayo, BPN, Algonquins, Swimmer, Peace Now, Btssb, Jane Marple & much more:

If you have any questions, pls feel free to PM me.♥
Tags: !ds, !dt, algonquins, angelic pretty, black peace now, h.naoto, putumayo

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