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DS: AP Colorful Ribbon Short Sleeve Parka, Petticoat, Antaina Sandals and Inexpensive Sweet Rings


Use this template when responding, please. If you're in the US, I only need "Item" and "paypal"


US: All sales will be shipped within  1-4 business days. Check paypal for tracking info/notification of shipment(1.a) US buyers have priority. Paypal addresses (not those with questions contingent upon answers) have priority. If I am able, I'll answer your question asap, but if I have a committed buyer by the time I check the page again, it goes to them.

(2) I may do a hold  with a deposit sent as a personal payment, or offer a payment plan, just ask. Deposits are non-refundable.

(3) International buyers, I ship First class with registered mail service for tracking or EMS. I can ship first class international w/o tracking if you pay with a personal payment. I won't be responsible if it does not reach you. I'll send you a photo of the receipt from the post office as proof of shipment if you ask. If I invoice you, I ship registered mail/EMS

(4). I offer at least 1 hour to send payment. After this period, if there is another offer, it becomes available to whoever sends payment first unless you make an agreement with me to pay at a later time.

Angelic Pretty Colorful Pop Ribbon Parka

$115 obo I.LOVE.THIS.PARKA, but it's too big for me. I've been in denial about this for a while, but it's always going to look the same no matter how many times I take it out, put on with high hopes and then put it back in the closet because it's still too big  ;___; Plz give it a good home. It stretches from 36-42 inches in the bust and is 19 inches long. It's in excellent condition, with no damages.
Chiffon Petticoat by Baby

$40 $35 shipped. 19 inches long, fits a wide variety of sizes since it has a lot of stretch.

Antaina Mint Sandals

$35 plus $8 Shipping anywhere in the US. These just came in the mail today. They would be good for someone with thicker feet, not average size, but thick feet. Mine are narrow and I was swimming in them. They are a size 37-37.5, and the foot bed is right, but the toe arc of material that covers the foot is large. I thought it might be good for lolis that have a hard time finding shoes that fit them.

Teddy Bear Rings- $3 + $1 Shipping
Kitty Cat Rings- Same (there are actually 4 of these)
Heart Clips-Same( these have minor imperfections that won't be seen while you're wearing them)
If purchased with something else, no need to pay the dollar shipping
Pastel Rainbow Elastic Bracelets- Same (these can be made to order) Give me the circumference you want it to be and I'll make it so ^_^
Tags: !afc, !ds, an-ten-na, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, handmade
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