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DS + AFC: Handmade Sweet & Classic Lolita Jewelry

*Prices are in USD and do not include shipping*
*Payment method is Paypal only*
*No holds, the item will go to the first person that can pay.*
*I'm not looking for trades at the moment, sorry! But feel free to haggle on the price.*
*Feedback @ eglfeedback & eBay*

Please do not comment unless it pertains to an item for sale.

I also have some AaTP for sale here


Ribbon + Pearl Bracelet - $12

3 colors currently available:

Cream x Bronze

Pink x Gold

Black x Pink x Gold

This lovely glass pearl bracelet is inspired by Little Macaron's) Queen's Candy collection! Also available in Black x Pink x Gold, and Pale Pink x Pink x Gold.

The main chain is approximately 9.25" in length, can be lengthened or shortened upon request.


Madeleine Pearl Necklace - $48

This item is available for commission! The above pictures show the Cream x Bronze version, it can be made with any color of Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and with Gold, Silver, or Bronze findings. Here is an example of a recent commission I completed in Pink x Gold:

If you would like to open a commission for this, or any other lolita accessories, I can be messaged through LJ, through my Etsy shop, or directly at roserie.rose @ gmail.com. And for new item updates, feel free to follow my craft blog Milles Choses!

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