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DT: Emily Temple Cute Jsk, for another brand Jsk.

+ I N F O +

My egl feedback page is here. 100% positive!

I am shipping via USPS from Hawaii, USA. I'm not responsible for items once I mail them off. If you want tracking and insurance, please ask; it will not be included in a shipping quote unless you ask. I save shipping receipts as proof of shipment. US traders are preferred and may be given priority.

No refunds or returns.

Please include in your comment:
Feedback link:

I'd really like to trade my Emily Temple Cute Jsk. I bought it recently on the comm sales and it is as good as new. It's just not quite as 'me' as I thought it would be.

Best fit is 33" bust or less, 28" waist or less. The material is very soft and spring weight. It resists wrinkles well! It was in a space bag to protect it in my suitcase, all I had to do was hang it up and the wrinkles came out.

It is fully lined with darker red lining. The velvet bow is detachable on a pin back. Invisible zipper in the center back. Straps are adjustable with buttons.
Main color is a light red, but not pink; with deeper red velvet ribbon. Not too wild and bright, but still cute and innocent. :3

Trade for: I've fallen for Baby's "Alice in Ribbon Kingdom" print and would love to trade for that. I like the blue and black colorways best, but only like the Jumperskirt cut.

If you have other offers, please ask! I'm not generally into OTT, but other than that I like a bit of everything. BTSSB, Meta, IW, what have you. My measurements are 34" bust 28" waist so offers should fit that, please. No skirts or socks please, I don't wear them. ^^

I'm hanging out with my little brother today but will answer questions as soon as possible! Thanks so much~

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