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DS/DT: Image Heavy -Sugary Carnival OP/JSK/Headbow and etc

Hello, I am hoping to trade any of my items for Yellow Milky Planet Op/set or additional items on my wtb list. If you would like to purchase any of my items instead of trading please feel free. My feedback is here.

*NOTE: The prices may be higher because I want to be able to purchase the Yellow Milky Planet items if someone offers it to me. And the prices include the cheapest shipping method with tracking =ONLY= for USA. If I am offered Milky Planet for a lower price I will lower my price without any problems. You can also tell me your OBO for any of my items.Thank you!
1) Pink Sugary Carnival Op with headbow $535 STILL AVAILABLE 06/17/11

Stock Image

My image- I will include an AP sticker, the tags I received and the pink fabric swatch. Also, please note this fabric swatch will =NOT= include the bigger button because I didnt receive it.

***Note of slight damage-there are small holes at the middle bow because I put a pin there for a event I attended. I included the fabric swatch just in case you wanted to change the bow.

After I hand washed this Op the small holes became even smaller.
2) NWT Sax Blue Sugary Carnival JSK $--- SOLD

3)Lilac Sugary Carnival Headbow $-- SOLD
I havent worn this and its new with tag.

4)White Memorial Cake OTK Socks $-- SOLD
I tried one sock on when I first got them. It seems slighlty stretched. They are new other than that...no marks or soiling.

5)AP Pink detachable OP $85 SOLD
I bought this from mbok 2 years ago. Its used and is still in ok condition.

With sleeves

Without sleeves

Close up of bow damage(the stitching is loose)

Worn- You can use the sleeves as wristcuffs.

6) Pink Frill F+F Coat $65 OBO

On Fanplusfriend website this goes for $200 new. Mine is used and I am selling it for $65 including shipping and fees =ANYWHERE=.
The size is medium to small. It can fit up to a 35 inch bust and best for 5'5 or somewhere around that.

It will come with all the bows and capelet. Feel free to make offers on this especially lenient on this because I dont really wear it.
7)Basic Sweet Lolita Set $60 OBO

The shirt is off brand from faded glory and is kinda sheer with ruffles and is US size Medium. The skirt was a commission and can fit a 32 waist and it has partial sheering. The socks are from AP but are worn and are faded.


8)Metamorphose Laced Blouse $50

My proof- This blouse reminds me of Kamijo from Versailles PQ.It has a pirate/baroque feel to it. I purchased this from Dolly Poddle here for more info about sizing.


Lastly, I still have a pink Toy Parade Parka
here. It would match well with the upcoming print Toy Fantasy.

Feedback Link:

PM's are fine but please post here first saying you are going to do so.


I dont mind layaway as long as you...
-Have at least 7 positive feedback.
-Wait 3 days to see if anyone pays full price.
-Put a 20% nonrefundable payment down.
-Send payments as personal payments after the first payment to avoid me covering multiple fees.

Feedback Link:
How long do you want layaway:

*Please note I can deny layaway if you do not have feedback, so please provide some form of feedback.


::My WTB List::
1)AP Yellow Milky Planet Op
2)AP Yellow Milky Planet Head-bow
3)AP Yellow Twinkle Star Bag
4)AP Yellow Lyrical Bunny Bag
3)ATP Plate Trunk Bag in Brown
5)AP Fur dot Cardigan in Pink

Thank you for looking! Please leave any comments questions or concerns below!
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