Emily (emiiri) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: BtSSB Offwhite Blouse, Shirley Temple JSK, AP Tartan Haircomb, AP Jewelry Jelly Hairties

+ I ship from the US, and all prices include shipping domestically.
+ I am happy to ship internationally, just ask me to give you a shipping quote. :)
+ Paypal only, please!
+ All measurements taken flat.
+ I am open to trades for things on my wishlist!
+ Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/440361.html

BtSSB Embroidery Collar Blouse
[ collar detail ] [ makeup stain ]
BtSSB Embroidery Collar Offwhite Blouse
This has some slight yellowing/makeup staining around the collar. I will do my best to get as much out as possible with a tide pen!
Bust: ~34" max
Waist: ~30" max
Length: ~20" from shoulder to hem.
Sleeve Length: ~21" to cuff, +3" cuff.
$55 shipped in the US. SOLD!

Shirley Temple Strawberry JSK
Shirley Temple Strawberry JSK, 150cm size
This looks to be in perfect condition! No stains or tears.
Bust: ~31" max
Waist: ~26" max
Length: ~33" from shoulder to hem.
$70 shipped in the US. SOLD!

AP Tartan Haircomb
[ back ]
Angelic Pretty Tartain Haircomb
Very very cute and in perfect condition. Doesn't match anything I own. :(
$12 shipped within the US. SOLD

AP Jewelry Jelly Hairties
Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly Hairties
In perfect condition! Came with my JSK, but I don't use hairties.
$20 shipped within the US. SOLD!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, shirley temple
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