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DS/DT: Babyssb Marie Antoinette OP in pink/lilac, AP Invited to a Party OP in red

Hey everyone! Just two dresses up for sale or trade this time.
-Prices in Canadian Dollars
-Paypal only
-Item will got highest offer first, then who can pay first and followed by whoever commits to buy first
-Please note I HAVE A DOG and his hair gets EVERYWHERE (especially now since he is shedding his winter coat). If you are allergic please take note that it is next to impossible for me to remove EVERY hair.
-If you need an item by a specific date please let me know so we can work something out!

My friend just told me Canada Post has plans to go on strike on Friday. I am going to call them tomorrow to see what's up. If this is, in fact, the plan, I wouldn't feel comfortable sending your package as it may end up in limbo or lost. Please be aware there may be a long delay in shipping, depending how long Canada Post takes to get its shit together again if the strike does indeed start on Friday.

First is my Invited to a Party OP in red from Angelic Pretty.
I really love this dress but it's too small for me ; __ ; It's in basically perfect condition, only tried on twice and has been hanging in my closet since. I believe I have the tags and fabric swatch somewhere as well. If I can find them I will include them. Please note this dress has NO stretch or shirring
Bust: 35" max (recommend a small ribcage as well)
Waist: 32" max

please note I am selling the red version

(stock photo is true to colour. My photos turned out bright red for some reason...)
Proof: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/Chied/P1010247.jpg
Tag: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/Chied/P1010248.jpg

I'd much prefer to trade this, but I will accept offers for it as well. Keep in mind that I would rather keep this piece than accept a lowball offer.

Second is my Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Marie Antoinette OP in pink (though it's more like lilac)
PLEASE READ: I bought this from my friend in a USED condition. It has around 5 light yellow spots on the front. I do not know what they are from and the dress came to my friend in this condition. I have tried to remove them and while I did manage to lighten them considerably they are still there. They're almost impossible to notice while wearing the dress unless you're specifically looking for them. There are also some yellow spots on the top grosgrain ribbon at the bodice, but they were impossible to photograph as the flash washed them out and they don't show up without flash either :/ Furthermore, the waist ties have been removed. There are two small holes where the buttons used to be. I do not have the waist ties OR the buttons! There are also a couple lose threads here and there, but overall the fabric and lace is in good condition and the dress looks lovely on!
Bust: ~38" (front shirring)
Waist: ~33"

Proof: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/Chied/P1011085.jpg
Damage: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/Chied/P1011071.jpg
Removed waist ties: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/Chied/P1011083.jpg
Lose threads: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/Chied/P1011086.jpg

I'm looking for offers around $90 for this, or a trade.

For trades I am looking for... well, anything sweet, classic, or slightly eclectic style of equal or lesser value (compensated by $$). Nothing with extremely noticeable cats, toys/teddybears, or poodles. Not a big fan of blackxwhite either, except for vertical stripes. No mint or yellow. Specifically I'm looking for pink, white or black blouses, chiffon things, small-heeled pink shoes (no teaparties), red hair accessories, pink back satin or chiffon accessories, etc...
Specific pieces:
Triple Tart OP in pink or red
Wonder Cookie OP or JSK in any colour except blue
Rose Toilette bonnet in RED ONLY
Circus Tutu JSK in BLACK ONLY
Mermaid Symphony OP in pink or black
Most AP prints, honestly...
Hime-style OPs or JSKs
Skirts, JSKs and OPs that are shorter than average
Pink, red, cream or black stiff-rimmed bonnets

Please keep in mind my measurements are as follows:
Bust: 38"
Waist: 30"
Hips: 34"
Height: 5'-2"

You can see my feedback here:

Thank you!
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