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DS/DT - Innocent World blouse, Montreal shoes, handmade (with reductions!)

DS/DT - Innocent World blouse, Montreal shoes, handmade
Hi Everyone! I've just decided to clear out some things from my wardrobe that I don't wear.

I am in Australia, and all prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. 
I will ship internationally.

Prices include PP fees, but do not include shipping, so please inquire.

My Feedback: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1307051.html 

Trades are awesome! Show me what you've got! I will look at anything but I am looking for a black winter blouse in particular at the moment. Preferably without convertible sleeves, as they don't really suit me most of the time.

My measurements are bust: 37 inches, waist: 30 inches, hips: 35 inches and I am 170cm tall.

Insanity Prawn Boy shall be my proof today:


Ok, on to the sale!

1) The first thing I'm selling is an Innocent World blouse I just bought off a girl on the comm. It fits my bust and waist measurements just fine, only thing is it is WAY TOO SHORT for me x.x...I couldn't wear it, I only tried it on. It was such a pity too, because it really is one of the most beautiful blouses I have ever seen. It is used, but it is still very much white-white - except for a tiny stain on the shirring on the bust - which really is hardly noticeable and can be easily covered with the removable collar. The previous owner said it was more stained than that when she got it and it responded well to stain remover and if you wanted to you could probably get it all out. I was going to try but since it didn't fit I decided to just sell it.

More pictures:
Removable Collar
Close-up of the stain

Letting go at $50

2) Montreal shoes
I bought these from the Refuse to be Usual Ebay shop. I ordered size 24.5, but unfortunately they were too big, and I only wore them out once, so I would estimate they would probably fit a 25.5 better.

More Pictures:
Top view
Side view
Letting go at $60 $45

3) Handmade Gothic Lolita choker -
I made this out of an old Alchemy Gothic bracelet. One of the links broke so I decided to sew it onto a choker, since it couldn't really be used as a bracelet anymore (it's only one little link and it's not even noticeable in the way I have designed the choker, and it does not affect its function as a choker at all). However, after wearing the choker once, maybe twice?, I decided that big chokers really don't look flattering on me at all, so I decided to sell it. It is made of velvet and lace and embellished with lots of black ribbon roses and swarovski crystals. Unfortunately my crappy camera has decided it doesn't like it. Looks WAY more beautiful in real life.

Letting go at $40 $30

4)Handmade outfit
I made this for myself on a whim. Pink isn't really my colour, and I have never worn it as a main colour for an outfit before, and I don't think I will again. I spent a long time, and a lot of money into making this outfit, only to realise I was out of my temporary pink phase about a month after finishing it. I believe I only wore it twice. It has a lot of detail (believe me, I made it!), but it simply isn't me, so I am selling it. I think I will stick to my usual colours for a while.

If anyone wants, I will split the items in this set.

Just to let anyone who buys this know, it is a handmade item, and therefore will have the usual sort of handmade quirks and imperfections. Everything is, however, stitched well and it will not fray or break (I made this for myself, and I am NEVER halfassed with things I make for myself. After all, it's me, and I should have the best, right?)

The back:

With the skirt I made it so it just slips over my hips and sits on my hips. It doesn't have any elastic or zipper so I wouldn't recommend it if your hips are bigger than mine. It should be fine if you're a bit smaller than me, however. It has an integrated petticoat and can even be used as a petticoat under dresses or high waisted skirts. I wore it under a jsk one day and it looked great. It's made with about a million metres of lace.

The majority of the lace used is a pastel rainbow colour

All the buttons on the blouse have ribbon roses on them, except for those at the top, where the squarey-collar-thingy goes
Handmade blouse buttons

Blouse without square collar

Worn photo 1

Worn photo 2

Worn photo 3

Matching wrist cuffs:

Letting go at $120
$80(full set - please inquire for separates)

Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask questions. Oh, and I will consider offers.
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