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!DS&Updates: Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Sample Shoes, VM replica boots, Infanta, Dream of Lolita

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Secret Shop

Large Sized Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes

The sample shoes has arrived on Sunday. It was a pair in Black size 4L(26.5cm).

There are a couple of differences between the sample shoes and the rest larger sized tea party shoes.
  1. The sole of the sample shoe is in Black with black stitching. The rest larger sized tea party shoes will come with yellowish edge with yellowish stiching.(Same as the regular sized tea party shoes).
  2. The lining colour for the sample shoes is in Black and Dark Gray. The rest larger sized tea party shoes will be lined in White and Brown.(Same as the regular sized tea party shoes)
  3. The treads are also different from the previous Secret Shop or Angelic Pretty tea party shoe treads out there. It comes with better traction. Part of the Angelic Pretty flats will come with these treads later.

Specifications of each larger size:

Interior Length
Interior Width*
Interior Depth*
Ankle Strap Length
First hole on the strap
Second hole on the strap
Third hole on the strap
LLL 25.5cm 25.7cm 9cm
60cm 54cm 55cm
LLLL 26.5cm 26.7cm 9cm 4cm   60cm    54cm  55cm 56cm
LLLLL 27.5cm 27.7cm 9.5cm
*Interior Width: If your foot width is 1cm wider than the interior width, it will also be fine. The toe cap of the tea party shoes is round and the interior length is usually narrower than your own foot width so that your foot can fill in the toe cap. And the material is not stiff.

Please join in the pre-order/group order if you're interested in the larger sized Secret Shop tea party shoes. Once there are enough orders for them, the pre-order/group order for the larger sized heeled shoes will be open. The sample shoes are not finished yet as the custom heels are not ready yet.

Victorian Maiden Short Boots Replica Pre-Order/Group Order Reminder

The sample boots are still not ready yet as the custom heels haven't arrived yet as well. The cream shade is ready. There were 3 shades and I will end up getting 2 of them. I will probably only be getting half of the fabric which is pretty small.

Regular sized Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes
There are more tea party shoes available to reserve now. The tea party shoes have been manufactured today, as well as model 9816 and model 9817. The supplier will need time to check and pack each shoe which will take time. These models will be released one by one and the 2 boots models will be released right after.


Infanta Bunny Story Chiffon Skirt

Dream of Lolita

Milky Planet Replicas

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Form. I will get back to you shortly. To make an order, please download and fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot].
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