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DS or DT: One rare Anna House skirt and one Bodyline skirt

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I have two skirts here I want to sell or trade. One is an Anna House skirt featuring a rose print in pink colourway and one is a Bodyline skirt in the pink colourway featuring roses and little portraits. Both are brand new, $40 each and are size S/M which is waist size 26in-30in. Shipping internationally is $10 and when packaged up, these skirts are pretty heavy! Pictures below:

Perfect for Lolita wardrobe staples, this is so cute for sweet and classic styles of Lolita. The first picture is a little too warm in terms of lighting and colour so I've provided a close up of the print to show you what it's like and the real colour if it. This is really good quality for Bodyline; it has about three layers of the skirt, the fabric is soft yet quite thick and heavy and it comes with a detachable bow you can put anywhere - crafty people can turn it into a matching brooch or headbow. Brand new, never been worn.

This is the Anna House skirt which is not made anymore - rare! The pictures are true to the colour here so I have provided a close up to show the print. This is great for sweet and classic styles of Lolita and has an elasticated waist so sizing can be given leeway here. Soft yet thick fabric yet again, this is great quality Anna House. Brand new, never been worn.

As I said, I'd rather trade these than sell them as I am going to buy new skirts with the money I get selling these anyway. Any skirts that are dark in colour, gothic, punk or bitter loli (I know people hate that term but I'm using it to explain colours) then throw pictures my way! I love black skirts that have sweet prints or colours like pink and purple thrown in but I bought these trying to "expand" my styles of Lolita then realised I just suit black and I'm never going to wear a full pink skirt anyway. Indie brands and off brand like Anna House, Bodyline, Qutieland and FanplusFriend would be great to trade with. Hope people are interested!
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