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DS: Gothic & Lolita Bibles, KERA Magazine

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PLEASE NOTE: I may not be able to ship these until Saturday, please keep that in mind.

Gothic & Lolita Bibles (All are in English)
$16 Each
All bibles are in very good condition with some minor shelf wear.
No pages are bent, ripped, or torn.
All have had the patterns torn out but those patterns will be included and are in very good condition, nothing has been marked or cut.
#1 Winter 2009 SOLD
#2 Summer 2008  SOLD
#3 Autumn 2008 SOLD

KERA Magaizine
#4 Vol. 9
In very good condition with some shelf wear on the cover.
Pattern has been torn out but BTSSB Halloween stickers have not been taken out and are in mint condition. I will include the pattern.

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Thanks for looking! <3
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