Jackie M (mujitsukyo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Jackie M

SS wanted. Dream sky OP + star socks in navy or lavender..and star bag!!

* my feedback can be found on
egl fb and on my journal
* location: Toronto
* I can do direct paypal or email transfer only (aka no echecks)
please include your rate and any other info i would need!

i am looking for the OP and socks for dream sky ( i already have the headbow in navy and  in lavender thanks to chibi_tenshi but my ss for the op and socks seems to have fallen through (not chibi tenshi for the record she had someone for it already).. if i can't get navy i'll do the lavender version but i'd obviously much prefer the navy.


star bag - i'm looking for in lavender!

thank you for looking ^_^
Tags: !ss, !wtb, angelic pretty
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