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DS: Need rent money again~ Please help. T^T

Hi Everyone! A few more things for sale here.^^ I am letting go of a dress that is very special to me, so it needs a good home (as do the other items). I need rent money again because I had to pay for a research conference, and it will be a while until I get reimbursed. So I'm trading lolita for science. ;3;
All items from my last post have been reduced by 20% - please let me know if I mis-calculated or forgot to re-price an item. Thanks~ ^___^


A Few Rules: (Please Read)

I ship from the US.
Buyers within the US get priority.
Shipping within the US is included in the price. It still costs a lot, and I am not making very much. ;~; (Darn you, USPS!).
Tracking will be an extra $3.
For outside the US, shipping will be $7 more for small items such as socks, $12 more for medium items such as blouses, and $19 more for large items such as dresses. Tracking is not included for international items (in order to track, I need to send it express, which is a ridiculous $30-$40. You will receive a customs number, though)
Please let me know your location when you post (just the country is fine).
Items will not be shipped out until one week from now (Thurs. April 28th)

  Buying / Trading:
All items are OBO, and prices are in USD.
They all have been used unless otherwise stated. They have all been washed. Any flaws I found have been photographed. I wear lolita clothing everyday, so please don't expect fresh-from-the-store clothing. I am not the kind of person whose clothes are in a glass-case; clothing is meant to be worn and seen by the world.
If anything I'm selling is a wishlist item, pm me and let me know; I'll give you a discount or free gift or priority. I know how good finding a wishlist item feels, so let me know (please so me your wtb or posted wishlist as well)~!  ♥
First to confirm to buy gets priority, not first to ask question etc. After confirming, you have 3 days to pay before it goes to next person. This rule is over-ridden by the US buyers priority rule (see above).
I will not be considering trades this time around. Sorry ;~; I am still broke.

    Sizing / Proof:
I don't have a way of properly measuring clothing, so all sizing is my best estimate, or, if available, I have listed the Hello Lace measurements.
When I describe colour, it is as I see it on my computer. If you have questions, I will do my best to answer them, but please be aware that there might be a slight difference between what I see on my computer and what you see on yours.
Extra photos, including proof, are listed as links below the primary item photo.
My proof is Family Octopi~

Okies, here are the items^^:

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie SET in Blue (Sold by Payment Plan)
Includes headbow, headbow frill attachment, socks, collar ties, collar frill, waist ties, and fabric swatch with buttons. I have kept it in good condition, despite wearing it several times. It has been hand-washed, and I have found no flaws.
Price for whole set: $350
Print close-up  Waist tie detail  Waist-tie back  Head-bow  Head-bow separation  Angelic Pretty logo  Lining  Collar extras  Lace detail  Sock detail  Minor pilling on socks  Fabric swatch and buttons
If I have no buyers for the entire set, then I will consider selling the headbow, socks, and jsk separately. I will update prices at that time. 

Angelic Pretty Whip Magic JSK in Dark Pink (Sold by Payment Plan)
This was my first Angelic Prettty Jsk. I love it so much. Please give it a good home. There are minor damages on the back (the shirring ties pulled the eyelets, so I cut out every other eyelet to make it even; see pictures). Other than that, the dress is in good condition, and has been hand-washed. I have found no stains on it. It is a pretty shade of dark pink with adorable cupcakes. Includes waist-ties. I have posted a sample coord as well (see the links below)
Price: $150

BodyLine Rose Frill Blouse in White
I got this to match my roommate's blouse, but I never ended up wearing it. It's super cute!
Only tried on. I am the first owner. Standard BodyLine medium size. Cute Rose Pocket~ :D
Price: $20  $16
Sleeve Cuff  Cuff Frill  Rose Pocket  Buttons  Bottom Frill  Collar 

BodyLine Hat in Purple Plaid
Matches above AP Replica JSK
Price: $15  $12

DKNY Blouse in White
US Size 4. 3/4 length sleeve. Very cute.^^ Prefect for wearing under a JSK.
Price: $25  $20


Kids Yoyo ETC Replica Salopette in Pink
Super Cute. Worn twice. Made to fit my measurements, but has at least 6 inches in either direction (30 in. bust, 25in. waist, 30 in. hips).
Price: $47

Kids Yoyo ETC Replica Salopette in Lavender
Super Cute. Worn twice. Made to fit my measurements, but has at least 6 inches in either direction (30 in. bust, 25in. waist, 30 in. hips).
Price: $47


Kids Yoyo ETC Replica Salopette in Seafoam Green (Teal/ Dark Aqua)
Super Cute. Worn twice. Made to fit my measurements, but has at least 6 inches in either direction (30 in. bust, 25in. waist, 30 in. hips). Includes matching headbow.
Price: $52

Salopette  Head-Bow

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Emblem Scrunchie in Pink
Worn several times. Can be worn on wrist too.
Price: $15 


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pony in Sweet Dream Headbow in Pink
Worn several times. Very cute side bow.
Price: $27


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Socks
See below picture for flaws
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right
1. AatP Horoscope Socks in WhitexLavender - $20 (worn ~5 times, sparkly!)
Baby Ribbon Socks, - $25 - (new condition, including the sticker)
3. Le Oiseau Bleu Madeline Socks in WhitexBlue - $20 $16(worn ~10 times, sparkly!)
4. UsakumyaxGloomy
5. Secret Cake Factory

6. Usakumya and Friends - $20 $16(worn a couple times, minor pilling)

Flaws:  Pulling on top of Usakumya Socks

Demonia Creepers Shoes in White
I love these! They go great with punk lolita~ I got DocMartins Boots, so I don't need these anymore.^^ They are a Men's Size 4 / Women's size 6 (US).  I spent a small fortune on them a long time ago, and they hold memories, but I do have to let them go. (Plus, they have always been too big for me and they slide around on my feet. T^T)
Price: $40 $32 (They are heavy! I will end up spending the entirety of this on shipping an Paypal fees. =_=;;)

Flaws: Minor Scuffing  Dirt on front

Off-Brand Socks
Top to bottom, left to right:
1. White, Heart lace, Red bow in back, Come up just above ankles
2. Red, White Strawberry pattern, Come up to knees
3. Dark Pink, White Hearts, Dark Magenta heel and toe area, Come up to knees
4. Black and White Stripe, Come up a little above knees
5. Black, Claire's Brand, IW Replicas, Ribbon lace patter, Come up to knees
Price of each pair: $7 $5
Hole in Red Strawberry Socks Heel

Bear Scarf
A very cute off brand scarf. The tail is torn, but can be easily sewn back - please ask if you would like a picture.
Price: $20  $15

Proof for the following items:

6% DokiDoki Style Bow
This was hand-made by another LJ user. I bought this on this community a couple months ago. I only wore it once or twice.
Price: $12  $9 (FREE with any purchase above $20, just ask!)

Metamorphose Spring Catalog
New condition, slight bend at stapling; it came like that when I got it (I got it with my Twinkle Journey JSK order from Meta's site)
Price: $15 $12

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Postcard
New, I got this from the SF store.
Price: $10  $8

BodyLine UsaMimis and White
Super cute, only tried on once. 
Price: $5 $4 (FREE with any purchase above $20, just ask!)

Claire's Christmas Headbow
This is so cute! A friend got this for me a couple Xmas's ago, but I never got to wear it. It has little jingly bells.
Price: $7 $5 (FREE with any purchase above $20, just ask!)

Angelic Pretty Novelty Towel
Cute, Brand New, Still in Plastic Wrap.
Price: $15  $12

Thanks for looking~^^
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline

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