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!DS/DT BABY, ETC, Bodyline, MM replica, AP, Meta

Hullo thur!

I'm selling some stuff that doesn't fit or that I don't wear, hope you find something you like! Here's a few rules:
  • All prices are in £GBP. That's UK pounds sterling
  • I am shipping from Scotland, United Kingdom
  • International postage is included. Please keep that in mind when you see my prices!
  • Here's my feedback page
  • First come, first serve! The first person to leave their paypal who is willing to pay full price gets the item.
  • I am open to trades but please bear mind I'm very picky and small, so don't be offended if I turn something down but hey, show me what you got :D!
  • Proof of ownership is my white, red and blue bow bedcover or my LJ name on a piece of paper.

On to the stuff!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Alice in Ribbon Kingdom in black. I do have the detachable bow, just forgot to put it in the picture. I was smitten by it's cuteness but, alas, it's a bit too cute for me. I'm asking £120 shipped worldwide or trade.

Next, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Marie Antoinette skirt in pink. It's actually in between pink and lilac and there's a bustle in the back! I'd like £70 including worldwide postage or trade.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright grey tartan jacket. Really sad to part with this but it's too big for me ;__;. I'd like £70 shipped everywhere.

Fanplusfriend Mary Magdalene replica. The quality is actually quite good, it's a bit longer so perfect for a taller lolitas. The waist-ties and the ties underbust are weirdly long but that's easily sorted. I'd say it's about waist 26". I'd like £35 shipped worldwide or trade.


Emily Temple Cute wardrobe print skirt. The gold bits on the print are sparkly *o*! I'd like £65 shipped worldwide or trade.

Bodyline macaron skirt. It's not the brand new in bag one, but it's never been worn. I'd like £30 including shipping everywhere or trade. 

Cream floral knee socks. BNWT Ended up with two pairs by mistake. £6 shipped everywhere. 

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Tartan in pink and black. I haven't seen another Twinkle Tartan in this particular colourway and it's not on Hello Lace. I love this dress so much but it just doesn't fit me D':. I'd prefer a trade but I'll sell for £170 including shipping.

Meta Sailor Skirt in black. The emblems on the pockets are brooches! I'd like £50 shipped anywhere

(Photo from the seller I bought it from)

(My own photo)
Offbrand gingham dress. Perfect for country and classic! You can tie the waistties at the front and it looks really cute. I'd like £45 incl. shipping.

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, emily temple cute, metamorphose
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