wo shi xiao long bao (rental_daughter) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
wo shi xiao long bao

DS: DoL Melty Chocolate Replica (JSK + Headbow), Bodyline OP, Bodyline Headbow

❦ PayPal only (Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.)
❦ US buyers only (sorry!)
❦ Shipping IS included in the prices.
❦ Whomever shows interest first is first in line. You'll have 24 hours since the last contact to make your payment unless we discuss otherwise.
❦ I am not looking to trade.

(Sold!) Dream of Lolita Melty Chocolate JSK + Headbow Replica in mint (Size S) ❧ $75

Bust: 86 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Length: 88 cm

❧ Only tried on.
❧ I am NOT willing to split the set UNLESS I find a buyer for both items. Thanks.



Bodyline L138 OP in pink x red (Size M) ❧ $45

Back center of length: 93 cm
Bust: 88 cm
Waist: 74 cm
Shoulder length: 35 cm
Sleeve length: 31 cm

❧ Only tried on.



❧ Please note, the heart buttons are quite hard to button. The red coloring of the buttons has rubbed off onto the button loops. Of course, when buttoned, this isn't noticeable.

❧ Small pink stain. I haven't tried to remove it.


Bodyline headbow in pink ❧ $5


❧ Has small black smudge (I haven't tried to remove it. It looks as if it'll come off fine with a little water.)


Thanks for looking! :D
Tags: !ds, bodyline
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