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Everything must go~ brand items for cheap!

- I want to get rid of this stuff as I don’t really wear it, so feel free to make offers as I will consider everything.
- I will be posting on Tuesday, so I preferably need payment by then.
- Everything is automatically insured for £41, please request if you want extra insurance.
- My measurements are 37 bust, 28 waist and 38 hips. Everything fits me comfortably.

I am willing to trade for a white brand bolero, classic lolita hair pieces, brand cutsews or a medium poof petticoat. I will consider all offers!

Metamorphose White Blouse

Has shirring on the back to fit a large variety of sizes. I would recommend no more than a 38 inch bust though. Looks very new and has been carefully looked after and hand washed after wear.

uk shipping: £2.50
anywhere else: £5

BtSSB Pink Bolero

Although there are no specific marks, there are signs of wear which is reflected in the price. Has removable sleeves, I would recommend no more than a 37 inch bust as it only just fits me.

uk shipping: £2
anywhere else: £4

White Infanta Cardigan

Stock Picture; http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff16/pinkieh77/sweet_poker_applique_cardigan_1.jpg

I have worn this once and hand washed it carefully. It is marked as ‘freesize’ and is quite stretchy but I don’t think it will fit over a 31 inch waist or 38 inch bust.


uk shipping: £2
anywhere else: £4

Sweet Lolita Jewellery

Brought this a while ago from pretty pop online, but it just isn’t my style anymore so I think someone else would get more use from it. Everything is fantastic quality, the star has a hairclip and pin on the back making it more versatile with outfits. I’m only selling this as a set unless you buy something else, where I will split it up.


uk shipping: £1
anywhere else: £2.50

Thanks for looking!
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