personspeople (personspeople) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: A White Petticoat, Brown "Mary Jane" Shoes

Hi!  Feedback: (none yet, sorry!)

Hello, I am looking for ANY short-ish, white petticoat!  
All I have is a very long one (which is too long for my skirt). 
Please let me know the length of the petticoat if anyone is interested in selling one! Any shape is fine, but I am looking for something with about medium fullness (poof?)

The other thing I am looking for is a pair of brown shoes in size ~US 8.5 (~24.5 cm).   Bodyline shoes are great.
Any style will do, but I am looking to find something along the lines of the "mary jane" style, with the single strap going over the top of the shoe.  If the shoes have multiple straps or decorations, I am still very interested, but they must be brown!

Thank you!

Tags: !wtb, any brand, bodyline

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