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DS!: LargeTea Cup Hair Clips Pompom Bracelets and Large ice cream Scoop Rings



Im Located in the US
I ship USPS in a box for these clips that way they will not be squished thats is why shipping is slightly more money
Shipping within the US is f3.00 Shipping Outside the US is 4.50 Tea Cups
everything else 2.00$ within the US 3 Outside the US
i take papal only

Each Tea Cup i the size of a child Sized Cup at the bottom of each once is a aligator Hair clip.

~1~ Pink Bow Tea Cup Hair clip 18$


~2~ Chocolate Pink Tea Cup Clip 20$

~3~ Blue x Lavender Tea Cup 18$

~4~ Yellow Tea Cup Clip 17$

~5~ bubble Gum Pink Tea Cup clip 18.00

~6~ dark blue tea cup clip 17.00

~7~ Pom Pom Bracelet and Ring Set 6.50$
This is my newest creating inspired By chocomints Pompom  bracelet the size is a free size as they have elastic inside of them!

~8~ Large Ice Cream Scoop Rings 4$
Each scoop is had made and scooped from paper clay. each once is also placed onto a pink ring base

2 pink x lavender
2 lavender x blue x pink
1 blue
1 neopolitan

Thank you so much for looking!
Tags: !ds, handmade

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