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WTB: AP, IW & AatP dresses, cardigans, boleros, short sleeved blouse, bear purse

I have pretty standard sizing, but please list measurements on blouses, cardigans, and boleros.
Please let me know how much you want for an item.
I will pay via Paypal. Please invoice, I will not send as a gift.
I may ask for detail pictures.
Please list all faults, even if you don't think it's an issue. I'm flexible on condition, but no one likes surprises.

Hide and seek with Missin' Alice JSK in Cream

Sweet Jam Dress or JSK in Red
Strong preference for the dress.

Milky Berry in White
Strong preference for the dress.

Innocent World Dresses and JSKs
I'm looking for nice looking, non-animal printed dresses. Preferably ones that can be worn well without a petticoat. These are examples of what I like.

I'm looking for white, peter pan collar, short-sleeved (or detachable sleeved) blouses.

Outer wear
I need something long sleeved to stay warm on cooler days or in the shade, and something light to replace a blouse on hot days.
What I am looking for:
- Red cardigans/bolero
- Pink cardigan/bolero
- White cardigan/bolero

This purse:

More WTB and DS in my journal.

Thank you!
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, innocent world

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