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EGL Sales Community Updates for May

Since the sales community is so active, it's easy to miss important updates. Here, we've compiled a few of the more important news items and friendly reminders from the past month to make sure that all our users can see them. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all decisions and changes we've instituted this month, and it is, as always, up to each user to keep up with messages from moderators and general community rules.

EGL Sales Community Updates for May

Report Issues to the ARC!
If you're having an issue of any kind, be it a rulebreaker on the community or a shady seller, report it here! All of the moderators watch this post, which means you should get a speedy response.

If you urgently need help, consult this list of moderator availability to see who's online. PMing a moderator while they're online will result in a faster response, and PMing a mod in your time zone means they'll probably be available when you're online.

Apply for Unmoderated Posting Access Here
Tired of waiting for a post to get passed through the moderation queue? If you have a good history and no warnings on the community, you may be eligible for unmoderated posting access. Take a look at the post for more details.

Having trouble figuring out whether your item is loliable or lolita?
This chart may help! Please note that this chart is only for wearable items, and is only meant to help differentiate between items that are lolita and items that are loliable. A loliable item is one that can be easily coordinated into a lolita outfit within the confines of a traditional lolita aesthetic. If you item does not fit this definition, or is not  and is not from a whitelisted brand, don't post it.

No hotlinking!
We've seen numerous users linking from others' servers lately, so we'd like to clarify this a bit: PoupeeGirl, HelloLace, and the Flickr photopool do NOT count as your personal server. Please re-upload your images to a dedicated image hosting site such as Photobucket, TinyPic, or your personal Flickr account.

Feedback Form Update
The feedback form has been updated so we can more easily resolve feedback disputes and ensure that transactions have originated on the sales comm, and not on outside sites. Please use this new version- it's right in the community profile:
mention the type of feedback in the subject
I am the buyer/seller
Accuracy of item description:
Shipping method:
Accuracy of estimated shipping time:
Overall experience:
Additional comments:

sellers must also add:
Payment method:
Payment time:

And that's all from us for now! Please feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns!

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