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DS: Paradise Rose Chocomint style Fuzzy Bows, Stars, Macaron necklaces, Lace Thin Headdresses

Please read selling information before commenting at the end of this post- thank you!

art by kyaterina. Check out her deviant art- http://kyaterina.deviantart.com

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Direct Sales on livejournal-

Macaron necklaces
Chain is approximately 25" long and nickel free. If you need it shortened, I can do so as long as it is requested :) 
$8 each

Dark Brown Macarons
All available

Brown Macarons
All available

Light Brown Macarons
All available

Lavender Blue Macarons
All available

Fuzzy Bow 2 way Clips
Dual brooch/hair clip- can be worn in your hair, on clothing, on purse, tote, headbow, etc.
About 5" to 5.5" wide, about 3" high.
$8 a piece

Lavender x Lavender bows
Top- available
Bottom- available

Lavender x Pink bows
Bottom- available

Light Pink Bows
Top- available
Middle- SOLD
Bottom- available

Light Pink Bows
Top- available
Bottom- available

Light Pink x Sharp Pink Bows
Top- available
Bottom- available

Light Pink Bows and Wings Bow

Brown Cupcake Bow- available
Brown Polka Dot Pearl Bow- available

Brown/light orange Bow

Cream bows
Top- available
Middle- available
Bottom- available

Plush Star 2-way Clips
Dual brooch/hair clip- can be worn in your hair, on clothing, on purse, tote, headbow, etc.
About 4" wide. Including star and tail, approx 10" long.
$8 a piece

Lavender x Lavender left star- available
Lavender x Pink middle star- available
Lavender x Lavender right star- available

Pink star- available

Light Pink Star- SOLD

White/yellow star- SOLD :)

Lace Headdresses

Thin headdress that fasted with alligator clips, not ribbon so there's nothing around your neck! Clips on either side just under the bow secure headdress to hair.

$15 a piece

2" wide (not including bows
Brown longer- 14" in length (length includes bows)
Brown shorter-  12" in length (length includes bows)

I have two brown available now. I can commission light blue blue, maroon/bordeaux, and purple. I hope to have these colors soon- pink, black, more brown! Let me know if you are interested!


Longer- available
Shorter- available

Prices are in USD. 
No trades EXCEPT for items on my wishlist-www.flickr.com/photos/9982465@N02/sets/72157626379717843/
Paypal only.
I reserve the right to sell to those who have negative or no feedback.
I looked over all items to check for flaws. All items seen here have not been worn out and are newly purchased. 
First class shipping for one item in the US- $3. +50 cents for every extra item.
International shipping for one item (first class international) varies from $5-$7. + 75 cents for every extra item.
All small items are usually shipped first class unless otherwise requested.
Priority and EMS is extra, insurance is extra- buyer is expected to pay all costs. 
I will ship within 10 days.
Please let me know if you need me to ship sooner.
Combined shipping with ETSY items IS available! 

Feedback found on ebay under elerronyar29 (feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll), and etsy under elerronyar (www.etsy.com/people/elerronyar/feedback)
Also now available at my personal journal!elerronyar.livejournal.com/188997.html
New feedback site- http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/189741.html
Us buyers get priority for purchase, but international buyers are welcome to comment if prepared to pay for Priority shipping.
Full paying buyers get priority for purchase. 
You must fill out the form to get place in line-
Preference for shipping (priority or EMS): 
***THIS will allow me to give you exact pricing on shipping right away AND ENSURES YOUR SPOT IN LINE :D ***
Please fill out this form even if you are unsure/have a question- as priority goes to those who fill out the form.

I do accept layaway/payment plans!
Please note I can deny layaway if you do not have feedback, so please provide feedback.
I require a 20% nonrefundable deposit. I also request that buyer is responsible for handling fees unless you are paying with a paypal balance/personal payment.
Thank you for looking!

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