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!DS/!DT small closet cleaning, AATP, AP, Baby, BL and Offbrand

Hi everyone im going to get rid of things that i do not wear anymore

Here are the basics:
☆ Paypal only please, first to leave paypal address gets priority.
☆ Prices include US shipping and paypal fees!. International please ask for a shipping quote do keep in mind it could be pricey
☆ I will post additional pictures and measurements upon request.
☆My measurements are Bust 32” Waist 26”
☆ Prices are negotiable but please keep it reasonable!
☆ You can make it a little cheaper on yourself if you send items as a gift
☆ I DO have 2 dogs but I keep my Lolita in a separate room where the dogs aren’t allowed in. They are both Yorkies and have hypoallergenic fur in case those with allergies are worried.
☆ Items come from a smoke-free home.

Here is my Feedback:


AATP Beauty and the Rose Promise skirt in Ivory TRADED
lovely skirt from aatp, i have only worn it twice and it is in like new condition.

AP Lyrical Bunny Salopette Set SOLD
I have the full LB set that comes with the salopette barrette, detachable bow, cut sew and socks. i have worn it only once and the socks will be new with the sock clips still attached.

Baby pink tartan emblum socks 25.00
I have only worn these socks once but there is slight coloring at the botton of the socks mostly because i wore black shoes with them.
Proof Pic:

Baby Tote SOLD
I have two of them so i am wanting to sell one, the one you will be buying will be new and unopened from the package. I got it staight from the baby website.

Bl Black Long Sleeve Blouse SOLD
It is standard size m sizing im selling mostly because it does not fit my bust(its too big =[) it comes with a bow as well (not pictured).

Bl cupcake Skirt sold!
Cute high waisted skirt from Bl it has corset lacing and shirring so it can be pulled smaller or be bigger.

Wig Head SOLD
I do not like useing wigs anymore and i have sold all my wigs so i have two wig heads for sale. wig head it self it very cheap but i have to buy a box to ship them in.

Homemade headbow ????
i got this from the sales com as a free gift but i have no use for it so im selling it here. I do not know how much to charge for it so if anyone is interested in it please name a price. i will be more than happy to pay for shipping as well. Also if anyone puchaces anything above i will include this as a free gift.
proof pic:

if anyone has any question please feel free to ask.
also i am also interested in trades
my top want right now is
AP Mode girl Set
other than that i am interested in any brand (AP, Baby, AATP, Innocent world)
i like sweet and classic styles.
i would also like to add lavender to wordrobe as well.
Just show me what you have!
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, innocent world, mary magdalene, victorian maiden

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