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Available for commission Digital Painting and Illustration


Hey girls! 
I've decided to offer digital painting commissions as I was recently commissioned by faunkegin to create a painting of her so I thought I should post my results as well as offering my skills up for commission in a bid to build up my portfolio.
Here's my painting of Ashlee and her original photograph for comparison: *I hope she doesn't mind my doing so*
I work directly from photo reference, so I would need a photo to work from (obviously) minimum image requirements are non blurry clear photos but in special circumstances I can work around such obstacles. 
Prices are negotiable, as this is benefiting my portfolio i'm more than happy to take offers on my work. However as i'm usually working 30+ hours on each piece, it's already a steal, so please be reasonable with offers! :)
I have feedback available here:

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