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DS: Rest items moving sale [- 20%] - BPN, MmM and 2 offbrand


DS: Rest items moving sale [-20%]

Hey Dears,

In fact that Imoved, I did a big clearance of my old stuff,
became too big or were never worn by me.

Here are te last items listed with reduced prices.
You are always able to give an offer.

Some notes:

You are always able to make a resonable offer. Just be not shy.
I accept PAYPAL ONLY for worldwide transactions!
For German Lolitas bank transfer is possible.
The paypal fees will be paid by you! 
Given prices do NOT include the 4% Paypal-fees.
But as I told already I am willingly to bargain,
espacially if you want to take more than one item^^

Shippingcosts for not insured small package box:
(usually for one bigger item or two smaller ones)

Germany - 6,00€
EU - 10,60€
Worldwide - 16,00€

Please let me know, from where you are,
if you want to be informed about other shippingoptions.
(for example in an envelope for smaller items)

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! :)

My feedback:

Thank you~

White offbrand EGA blouse

Used 4/5
Colour: white
Size: L / XL
Burst: ca. 100cm max
Waist: ca. 87cm max
Armlength: ca. 57 including ruffles
Length: 63 cm

White aristocrat blouse, with big quillings.
Waisted shape, plussize friendly.
Only worn
Made of soft and semitransparen, stretchy material.
Perfect for spring and summer.

Negotiable Price: 12€ + Shipping

White lacing designer EGA blouse

Used 5/5
Colour: white
Size: L / XL
Burst: ca. 100cm max
Waist: ca. 90 cm max
Armlength: ca. 60 including ruffles
Length: 57 cm

White aristocrat blouse, with nice lacing in the front.
Lace is detachable.

Only worn
once in milano, where I bought it from a local designer 3 years ago.
Made of thick cotton, very plussize friendly.
In perfect conditions.

Original price: 85€
Negotiable Price: 30€ + Shipping

BPN sweet lolita blouse

[Sleeve rose lace]
[Sleeve rose lace 2]

New with tags
Colour: black
Size: M
Burst: ca. 88cm
Waist: ca. 70cm
Armwide: ca. 32cm
Length: 50 cm

Lovely black lolita blouse with puffy sleeves.
Sleeves have a nice rose lace.

Bought via SS last summer.
Never worn, cause it's sadly too small for me.

Comes in original package with hanger!

Original price: 14.700 Yen
Negotiable Price: 75€ + Shipping

BPN lolita bolero jacket

[Back view]
[True colour without flashlight]

New with tags
Colour: black
Size: M
Burst: nearly free
Waist: ca. 70cm
Armlength: ca. 58cm
Length: 44 cm

Wonderful black Bolero Jacket by BPN.
Closable on the waist with two rows of buttons
Nice detailed ruffles and a big ribbon in the back.
Worn wonce, but I realized, that it a bit too short for me.
Bought within the order last summer.

Comes with original package and a small bag with backup-buttons

Original price: 21.000Yen
Negotiable Price: 120€ + Shipping

SOLD - Thank you

BPN LuckyPack Aristocrat/ Punk blouse

[Blouse details]

New with tags
Colour: black-grey pinstriped / violett
Size: M
Burst: ca. 92cm
Waist: ca. 68cm
Armlength: ca. 59cm
Length: ca. 50 cm

Collarwide: ca 40cm

Very cool blouse by BPN, catched in the 2011th LP.

Obviously it's too small for me.
Outside material has the pinstriped look, the inside is violett.
That's why the quilling has this awesome effect.

Comes with original package and hanger.

Negotiable Price: €38 + Shipping

SOLD - thank you

BPN punk bat pants

[full view]
[full view back]

New with tags
Colour: black
Size: M
Waist: ca. 75cm

Hip: ca. 92,5cm
Leglength: ca. 75cm
Length: ca. 97 cm

Very cool tight jeans with bat purses and
a silver zipper looking like detail on t
he right leg.
Real zippers in the back end of the legs.
Pretty cool item, bought in spring 2010 with the thought to fit in some day.
But it's still a bit too small and fits not comfortably, so I decided to let it go.

Comes with original package and hanger

Original price: 15.120Yen
Negotiable Price: 70€ + Shipping

BPN knit crochet lace stola

[worn 1st way]
[worn 2nd way]

New with tags
Colour: cream / offwhite
Size: unisize

I love that thing!

It's so beautiful, but I wanted this item in black ;_;
I hold it with the thought of buying one day more cr
eamcoloured stuff,
still I don't have anything for combining it.
But at least I got some refund by BPN, so it's not that expensive for you^^

It can be worn like a stola or like a scarf.
And with that comes a detachable brooch in the same style.

Comes with original package.

Original price: 10.080Yen
Negotiable Price: 45€ + Shipping

Moitié Rosenkreuz socks


Colour: black x white
Size: unisize

Knee high socks of the rosenkreuz series.
I bought them with the matching cutsew/ shirt,
but I realized, that knee high socks just don't suit me.
Only tried on.

Negotiable Price: 27€ + Shipping

SOLD - Thank you

~Remember, that I take offers :) ~
~Thank you very much for your interest~

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