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DS/DT: Lots of baby, metamorphose, Angelic pretty and bodyline


I´m from Spain. My English is very very bad, sorry. If you don´t understand anything please tell me now. Thank You ^^

These are my rules:

-The shipping is calculated to the post office. I´m student and work too.

-The payments are only for PayPal

-My feedback 

-Price are in euros (€)

-Thank you for Reading the rules if you have any question asking please!


-Metamorphose apple print:

Size: 70-85cm
Price: 70€ with bow handmade (not by me)

-Bodyline nadia skirt + bodyline bow:

Size: In bodyline
Price: 27€

-Pink skirt handmade (not by me)
Size: 70-75cm
Price: 15€

-Handmade skirt (not by me)
Size: 70-80cm
Incluyed headbow
Price: 15€

-Little red riding hood skirt handmade (not by me)
Size: 70-85cm
Price: 10€

-Black Handmade skirt (not by me)
Size: 70-75cm
Price: 5€


-Baby dress red x white:
Size: asking for more exactly
Price: 110€

-Offbrand dress:
Size: Bust 70-80cm
Waist: 70-75cm
Price: 5€


-Bodyline cardigan:
Back center of length 54cm
Bust 82cm
Waist 70cm
shoulder length 35cm
sleeve length 58cm
Price: 15€

-Cardigan Qutieland (sold out):
Size: Bust 70-85cm
Price: 20€

-Offbrand cardigan in pink:

Size: s
Price: 5€

-Grey offbrand cardigan:
Size: m
Price: 5€


-Angelic pretty fancy melody bag:
Price: 50€

-Tote bag metamorphose:
Price: 15€

-Offbrand bag:
Price: 7€


-RH montreal:
Size: 24cm
Price: 18€

-TUK mary-janes:
Size: 37 EUR
price: 38€

-Shoes bodyline:
Size: 25cm
Price: 15€


-Bodyline mini-hats:
Price: 3 € only one

-Metamorphose gingaw cherry:
Price: 15€

Thank you for your interest!


Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, handmade, metamorphose, montreal, offbrand
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