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DS: BTSSB Alice in Ribbon Kingdom OP in Pink, AatP Bonnet, AP & IW Postcards, AP Photo Album + More!

-I'm not responsible for lost packages. I will provide proof of shipping as requested via post office recipt. Any kind of shipping confirmation or tracking must be requested and paid for.
-The first person to leave a paypal address gets priority to the item.
-Prices do not include shipping.
-For all handmade items, I am willing to offer a discount if more than one are purchased together.

I have feedback available here.


Alice in Ribbon Kingdom OP in Pink
Worn a few times by me but is in good condition
92cm length, 92cm bust, 72cm waist
I wore this at 39" bust and 30" waist but I wouldn't recommend anything more than that.
$160 OBO

Inside // Tag

Alice and the Pirates Pink Bonnet - $30 SOLD
Worn 2x

Back // Close up of Blue // Close up of Pink //

Innocent World Postcards - $5 each

Back // Inside

Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake Photo Album - $12


Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater Postcard - $10

Close up 1 // Close up 2

White Hat with Pink Flowers - $10

Straw Hat with Yellow Flowers - $7

Close up 1 // Close up 2

Straw Hat with Pink Flowers and Lace: $10

Close up

Straw Hat with White Flower and Lace: $10

Close up

Black Mini Hat with Flower - $7

Dark Pink // Red Polka Dots // Blue and White Skeletons // Brown and White Polka Dots //

Small Handmade Bows - $5 for each pair
Never worn.

Straw Hat with Peach Flowers - $7
Never Worn.

Black and White Headdress - $7
Never worn.

Light Blue and White Headdress - $5
Never worn.

Black and White Circle Headdress - $5
Worn 2x
I bought this from Ushicon in 2005, so I've had it for a while but have only worn it twice.

Thanks for looking! :)
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world

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