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SS: Usakumya Baby Special Set in SF

This weekend, our San Francisco Baby Store is offering the Usakumya Special Set for $115 plus tax for Japan earthquake relief. It is being offered in M and L size here. (There is also S size, but only on the website.) It comes with a JSK, hair ties and blouse, all for less than what a blouse would usually cost.
This is the M size set; they're all alike except for size.

Here's the link to the promotion:

They are selling them one to a person. Since this JSK set does not come in my size (LL) and is not my style anyway, I am willing to pick one up for somebody from the community, provided that you prepay me so that I have the money to cover the purchase in my Paypal account (my CC is actually a Paypal debit card).

Here is my feedback:

GSJ: (as ataniell93, my old ID)
Sales Journal:

I will invoice for the following amounts depending on where you live. These prices cover $115 for the lucky pack + $20 to cover California taxes, Paypal fees and my service + Priority Mail shipping in a large flat rate box, which varies (from $15 + insurance to $56) depending upon where you live. Insurance is not optional in the US because I have a Paypal business account, so even if I say I'm not responsible for lost packages, Paypal will honour claims if you make them.

If the items fit in a regular size flat rate box, I will give you a rebate. Please let me know if you want me to leave the lucky pack unopened. If you want that, I will do that, but in that event I cannot promise that there will be no wrinkles and I almost certainly won't be able to rebate you for the smaller bag. (Usually my stuff ships without wrinkles, because I fold the items and seal them in a plastic bag before I ship them.)

$135 with local pickup for a San Francisco-area buyer who will be at Fanime and can't get back up to SF.
$155 with priority mail flat rate shipping to US buyers. ($4 rebate if it will fit in a medium box.)
$175 for a Canadian or Mexican buyer. ($8 rebate.)
$195 for a buyer outside North America. ($15 rebate.)

They're also doing an accessory lucky pack, but I'm buying that for myself so I can't do SS for it.

Monday is a holiday, so I will ship Tuesday/Wednesday. I will confirm purchase with a screenshot as soon as the payment posts to my account.

First person to leave their paypal, location and size desired gets invoiced. If the invoice is paid within 24 hours, they're the one. If the invoice is not paid within 24 hours, I'll move down the list to the next person, so let me know if you don't get your invoice. Non US buyers are welcome--however, I can't insure international shipping unless you're willing to pay much more for Express Mail. Therefore, I can't be responsible for lost packages once it leaves the US, but I'll confirm shipment upon request. Of course I can't predict time in customs or pay duties and taxes on your end.

We have one more slot open to buy the special dress set--still no accessory packs.
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